New and Difficult Times Ahead

We have had a good run for 30 years but it has come to an end. These next ten years are going to be tough to deal with, since the party is over. Fortunately I got in under the wire. I had made enough money to survive but it is not in the style to which I am acustomed to live. However I have got a lot of free time now to pursue my practice of piano performance and composition. The technology is starting to catchup with my skill level. For many years I was much faster and accurate with a pencil and manuscript paper. It would take hours to enter data into a music processor and then if you wanted to change anything that would take another long period of time to tweak. The best thing about the processor is the neatness and professional look of it as sometimes hand written music can look pretty tacky. I was blessed with a pretty neat hand however. I have never gotten any complaints from others who read my music and I have never had any trouble with reading my own hand written music.

Writing music with a computer has been disgustingly slow and time consuming. However the generation of music processors since 2008 are pretty good. Finale for about $100 gives you some real options without all the hype.


So here I am

I do not have anything significant to say except I have got a lot of leisure time. I have to tell you that I did work like a Hebrew slave for thirty years but not anymore. I can see where Richard Branson and guys like him who never put in a decent hard days work and were just in the right place at the right time do not know what hard work is. Guys like him should live a long time and look young as well.